Maid Suspected of Breaking Open Employer’s Luggage and Stealing S$3000


She hired a maid because her father took ill.

What 38-year-old Mdm Liu wasn’t banking on was for that maid to steal the money which was used to pay for the elderly man’s medical bills!

The incident took place over the Christmas period last year.

Mdm Liu said her Filipino maid, Maria, cracked the combination code to the password lock on her luggage and stole the cash she had kept inside.

“I put the money there so that it’s convenient to take and use to pay for my father’s medical bills.”

Mdm Liu said that she keeps a record of the money in the luggage.

She wanted to take some cash from the luggage when she discovered S$3000 missing.

At the time, Maria was on leave as it was Christmas.

Days later, she wanted to test whether Maria had really taken the cash, so she acted like she was calling the maid agency and “informed” that her maid had stolen her money and that she had called the police.

That’s when Maria, who apparently overheard the conversation, yelled that she didn’t steal any cash, said she quit, and demanded to return to the Philippines immediately.

Mdm Liu subsequently made a police report and Maria was arrested.

However, investigations were hampered due to a lack of evidence – Mdm Liu doesn’t have a CCTV in her house and cannot prove that the Maria had really taken the money.

Maria was sent home to the Philippines in February this year.

Nevertheless, Mdm Liu still believes that Maria had stolen the S$3000.

“She started work in July 2017 and showed a good work attitude for the first 3 months. But after that, she said that her family back in the Philippines needed money desperately and asked several times for a salary advance, promising to pay me back.”

She suspects that Maria had seen her put money in the safe, and tried over a period several combinations to the password lock until she found the right one, then took the cash when no one was around.



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