Malaysian Crane Technician who Fell 52 Metres from Work Platform Wins S$346,000 in Compensation

Wong Lim Kang, a Malaysian man working in Singapore as a crane technician miraculously survived a 52-metre fall from a work platform back in April 2010.

To give you an estimate of how high 52 metres is, just picture that a 25-storey HDB flat is about a little over 100 metres high.

The High Court ruled that Wong be paid S$346,000 for his pain and suffering, loss of amenities, current and future medical costs, and loss of earnings.

All 3 defendants involved – crane supplier Soon Douglas, contractor Novelty Builders and sub-contractor FES Engineering – mutually agreed on the sum to be paid based on their share of liability.

Wong had filed a lawsuit against the firms after the accident, which left him with sustained serious multiple fractures, including neck and organ injuries, and remained unconscious for two days in hospital and took a year’s medical leave.

The multiple fractures on his body affected his spine, pelvic area and rib, and the injuries affected his hand, shoulder, buttock and groin areas as well.

The 46-year-old was carrying out the jacking of a mast on the tower crane at a River Valley worksite when he fell.

He survived the 52-metre plunge when he landed on a waste plastic bin which cushioned his fall.

Court documents filed by Wong’s lawyers charge that the work platform on which he stood was not properly secured to the tower crane, leading to the accident.



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