Malaysian Tenant Knifed Landlord because She was “Scared of the Dark” and He wanted the Lights Off to Save Power

He wanted the lights switched off to shave S$10 off the monthly electricity bill.

She, on the other hand, wanted to keep the lights on in the whole house because she was “scared of the dark”.

That dispute is believed to have boiled over and led to the Malaysian tenant knifing her landlord, William Wong to death on Saturday night (21 Nov).

The 76-year-old landlord’s wife, Winnie Teo, says that that quarrel had been raging for some time now, and she suspects it led to the tenant killing her husband.

She says she and her husband had rented a room in their Yishun home to the tenant, known as Jennifer, for S$250 a month.

After she moved in, the electricity jumped from S$20 to S$30.

She said that her husband would come home at night, turn off the lights, and scold Jennifer for not switching them off.

Neighbours say they heard shouting coming from the flat every night for almost 6 months now.

That night, that extra S$10 cost savings a month could have cost Wong his life.

Police have arrested Jennifer on suspicion of murder.

Blood was found in the unit at Block 114 Yishun Ring Road on Saturday night, as well as along the corridor and on the circuit box outside the unit.

It’s believed that a quarrel took place outside the unit, which led to Jennifer attacking Wong with a knife.

Wong is then believed to have stumbled into the unit and barricaded himself inside.

Police received calls about a quarrel at around 10pm.

Arriving with SCDF officers, they broke the door down and found Wong dead inside the master bedroom in a pool of blood.

Jennifer was arrested at the void deck of the block, where she was crying.

Wong’s wife wasn’t home at the time.

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