Man Accused of Kidnapping and Raping Student Intern 15 Years His Junior

40-year-old Ong Soon Heng is on trial for allegedly kidnapping a student intern and raping her while she was drunk and unconscious.

Before that, Ong allegedly made several advances towards her despite knowing that she had a boyfriend.

The victim, who was interning at an F&B company and colleagues with Ong, reportedly tolerated his advances because she didn’t want to jeopardise her internship.

Ong, a divorcee who reportedly had a romantic interest in the victim, allegedly plied her with drinks while they were clubbing at Zouk with friends on 24 July 2014/

The victim passed out drunk at around 4am and Ong told the friends that he would send her home.

They didn’t object as the 2 were known to be good friends.

CCTV footage showed Ong carrying the victim’s limp body out of Zouk and into the backseat of his car.

They left, but she never made it home.

Instead, Ong drove her to his house in 4 Hume Heights, where he is accused of raping her sometime between 4.04am and 6.30am.

The victim’s boyfriend didn’t attend the party at Zouk and became worried that night when he couldn’t reach her.

Using the Find My iPhone app, he tracked her whereabouts to 4 Hume Heights, where she found her dressed in Ong’s t-shirt and boxers and lying unconscious on the bed.

At the time, Ong allegedly denied that he did anything to her, but prosecutors say they have an audio recording of Ong admitting to the victim’s father that he had had sex with her.

About 8 hours after the alleged rape, the victim’s blood alcohol concentration was 62mg per 100ml of blood, and doctors estimate that it would have been at a higher level earlier.

A witness for the prosecution, who was a friend of the victim said that Ong had gave the victim drinks until she was “very tipsy” while at Zouk.

“He put his arm around her and put the cup to her lips.”

At one point, she witnessed Ong and the victim kissing but she dismissed this, saying her friend would not have done this if she was not “under the influence of alcohol”.

If convicted of rape, Ong could be jailed up to 20 years and caned.

For abduction, he could be jailed up to seven years and fined.



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