Man Left Without Maid and S$3000 Deposit Money After Getting “Played Out” by Maid Agency

Unsatisfied with his maid’s work attitude, and seeing that she was also unhappy, Mr Ng wanted a switch.

He contacted his maid agency, which suggested sending her back home.

But to the engineer’s horror, while the maid agency agreed to bear the cost of sending the maid home, it refused to return Mr Ng’s S$3000 deposit.

Mr Ng says the maid agency said it’s stipulated in their contract that as an employer, he had to bear the cost of sending her home, so it’s only right they retain the money.

Frustrated, he has lodged a complaint with the Consumer Association of Singapore and the Small Claims Tribunal.

Mr Ng had hired the maid to take care of his bed-ridden mother, but the maid was unhappy with her new working environment and the leave terms in her contract.

After returning her to the maid agency, he received a call later from the agency saying the maid wants to return home.

He agreed to let the agency send her back, after the agency said it would bear the travel costs.

But subsequently, Mr Ng got a shock when the agency said his S$3000 deposit was used to pay for the airfare, insurance and salary, and thus he would not be having it returned.

The 54-year-old engineer says that the agency also dragged its feet for 3 months and didn’t find him a replacement maid.

As a result, he had to engage the services of another maid agency.

Mr Ng says that if he had known that he would land up in such a situation with no maid and no money, he wouldn’t have allowed his maid to return home.

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