Man Lies on the Road After Argument with Girlfriend, Gets Crushed to Death by Taxi

A couple’s squabble took a turn for the worse, after the man in the relationship was crushed to death. The incident took place at around 3am this morning along the Victoria Street, near Bugis.

Eyewitnesses say a middle-aged man was arguing with his female companion, when he suddenly ran to the middle of the road and laid down on his back. At that moment, a taxi ran over him. The man died from his injuries. His female companion was inconsolable after witnessing the incident.

The driver of the taxi said he didn’t expect to see a man lying on the road at that time of the morning, and by the time he did, it was too late to brake.

The driver stopped his taxi after the incident and called for an ambulance.

The victim has been identified as a 53-year-old man, known only as Zainuddin for now.

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