Man Poses as a Student to Lure Out and Molest 12-Year-Old Schoolgirl Entrepreneur

She could earn about S$50 a month selling her stuff on Carousell, such as game cards, stationary, and old clothes.

Sex wasn’t on the cards for this 12-year-old schoolgirl.

But sex was on the mind of one gold-haired man, who lured her out on the pretext of buying a used handphone from her.

Calling himself a secondary school student, the man offered to pay S$30 over the asking price for an iPhone 4 which the girl had listed for sale.

They exchanged numbers and agreed to meet at the void deck of a HDB flat near her house to seal the deal.

It was only after they met that she realised this secondary school boy was a man in his 20s – with gold hair.

Brushing aside questions about his identity, the man made sexual advances towards her while checking the phone.

He started holding her hand and asked if she would like to go out with him.

He threatened to leave with her phone when she refused.

Along the way, the man began his touchy-feely business.

He groped her in places which made her very uncomfortable, which drew attention from others around.

That’s when a passer-by shouted at him.

The man then ran off, with the iPhone 4 still in hand.

Emotionally distressed, the girl spoke to her school counsellor.

While she still sells items online, this budding young entrepreneur is now more cautious and makes it a point to meet buyers in public places, accompanied by her parents.

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