Man Records Himself and Girlfriend Having Sex then Threatens to Sell Videos when Desperate for Money

Ladies, if you aren’t aware of it by now, it is never a good idea to film a sex tape.

Just ring up Paris Hilton and ask her lah.

Or, this young lady who almost had 18 of her sex videos splashed across the internet.

25-year-old IT guy Benjamin Yao Bing Yuan was caught extorting his ex-girlfriend for money, when he threatened to sell videos of their steamy sex sessions.

Desperate for money at the time, Yao asked his 23-year-old ex-girlfriend if he could transfer some cash over.

When the money wasn’t coming in, he threatened her not to “test” him.

He had recorded a number of videos of him and her having sex when they were dating from 2014 to 2015.

The girl was aware that such videos existed because he had sent them to her.

The pair broke up in mid-2015, but Yao tried his luck asking her for money in 2016 because he had lost money betting on football.

He then formulated and a plan whereby he would contact her, threaten to sell the sex tapes which he said could fetch a “good price”, and demand cash from her.

On 4 May 2016, Yao contacted his ex-girlfriend via WhatsApp Messenger and asked if he could sell the sex videos.

She struck a deal with him to have the videos deleted.

But on 14 June 2016, he messaged her with an ultimatum to transfer S$1,000 to his POSB savings account by 10pm.

At about 5pm, he sent her a clip from one of the videos and sent a follow-up message stating: “If you can’t help me, other guys will definitely help me.”

The victim pleaded with him not to sell the video, and also asked to meet him to hand him the money in person so that she could witness him deleting the videos.

Yao ignored her pleas, insisted that the money be transferred to his bank account.

He threatened her, saying she should “know how viral this can be. Millions of people will get to see it.”

The ex-girlfriend made a police report that day and Yao was arrested.

He was found to have 18 videos of his ex.

The victim made a police report that evening. Police arrested Yeo at his Pasir Ris home the next morning and later recovered 18 videos of the victim from his portable hard disk drive.

Yao has been jailed for 4 months for his misdemeanour.



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