Man Strikes Random Women in the Chest, Says it’s His Way of Coping with Stress

30-year-old Edmond Lua had a peculiar way of coping with stress – striking women in the chest.

He had done so 7 times in the past, until the most recent incident which got him arrested.

Lua pushed a woman in her chest outside her workplace, Yishun Community Hospital.

As they were walking past each other, he stuck out his arm and struck her breasts.

In the hospital, Lua again stuck his arm out and struck her breasts as she was about to enter a lift.

This time, according to the victim, he hit her even harder.

The victim reported the matter to hospital security and Lua was later arrested by police.

The incident happened in December last year.

In his defence, Lua’s lawyer said that he was “socially awkward” and was bullied at school while growing up.

She said that Lua was unable to cope with stress and had a bad habit of taking out his frustration by nudging women on the chest area.

But, his actions were not to derive sexual pleasure.

Lua’s lawyer added that he had relied on his mother for emotional support, but his life hit rock bottom when she died of breast cancer in 2012.

In sentencing, the Community Court judge said that almost everyone had gone through, at one point or another, some events in life, and Lua was no different.

The judge added that Lua had sought to cope with things in a “very destructive and harmful way”.

Lua was jailed today for 9 months after he admitted to 2 charges of molest involving the hospital worker.



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