Man Tries to Attack Police Officers with Stun Gun at Yishun Car Park

It had to be Yishun, it just had to.

Two days ago (10 Jan) at around 11.50am, police officers received a report about some strange people banging on the door of a home in the housing estate.

Police officers who arrived on scene were performing their checks when they saw 2 young men, aged 21 and 24 years old, behaving suspiciously in a car park.

It looked as though they were trying to steal a car.

When the policemen approached, the 24-year-old suddenly turned hostile and tried to attack the officers with a stun gun.

He didn’t succeed and the 2 men were arrested instead.

Initial investigations point to them being involved in other criminal cases as well.

This isn’t the first incidence of a stun gun being flayed in Yishun.

Recently, another 2 men were pounced on by police after they were reportedly playing with stun guns near Northpoint shopping mall.



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