Man who Molested Mother’s Nurse said he was “Irritated with Her Speaking Tagalog”

She had just started work as a homecare nurse tending to an elderly patient.

But this 26-year-old Filipino nurse didn’t expect the old lady’s son to prey on her as soon as she got down to work.

A day into the job, the nurse received lewd SMSes from her patient’s son, 43-year-old Balakrishnan Kuppusamy.

Four days later, he got physical in the family’s Bukit Purmei flat.

Balakrishnan, a maritime boarding officer who was engaged to be married, kissed the nurse’s neck when they were in the lift.

The next morning, he touched her breast while she was helping his mom to her room.

The same day, he slapped her buttocks.

The Filipino nurse said she was reluctant to report the inappropriate touching because she was worried about losing her job.

But, she decided to inform her supervisors and make a police report after later receiving an SMS from Balakrishnan which was particularly offensive and made her feel “degraded”.

The molest incidents took place in 2014.

Yesterday, Balakrishnan was jailed for a year and given 3 strokes of the rotan.

In his defence, Balakrishnan said he had touched the woman’s neck with his fingers while making kissing sounds.

He said he had “poked” the victim’s chest because he was irritated with her for speaking in Tagalog.

He said he had tapped the back of her waist to get her attention.

However, the presiding judge said that that Balakrishnan’s “flirtatious and sometimes crude” messages to the woman showed his lewd intentions towards her.



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