Marsiling Man Suspected of Killing His Vietnamese Lover then Jumping to His Death


The lifeless body of a 58-year-old delivery man was found at the foot of Block 17 Marsiling Lane today at around 2am.

Police made enquiries and found out the man actually stayed at a unit in Block 16.

Upon breaking into the unit, police officers were in for a rude shock.

The living room floor was coated in blood spatters and there was the stench of death in the unit.


Inspecting the bedroom, police found the body of a 31-year-old Vietnamese woman.

She was covered in blood and motionless.

Her body had been stabbed multiple times

She was pronounced dead at the scene

Neighbours say the man had been staying at the flat unit for the past 20 years.

He was often seen bringing a Vietnamese woman home to stay the night.

They believe that the deceased could be the same Vietnamese woman, and say that the man could have killed her before jumping to his death.

Police have classified the cases as unnatural deaths and are investigating.


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