May Day Rally 2015: Outstanding Leadership will Take Singapore Forward

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says that Singapore will need outstanding leadership to keep Singapore “exceptional”.

He said that the nation can progress without leaders who are ” committed to Singapore, with high ability, strong character, dedication and gumption, so that we can keep Singapore exceptional”.

“It’s about who will lead Singapore into the future; it is our future at stake, our children’s future,” he said. “For if this government fails, what is going to happen to you, to Singapore?”

PM Lee said said Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s passing last month was a reminder of how exceptional leadership made a big difference for Singapore.

“I think it has caused us to pause and ask ourselves: Are we sure we don’t need exceptional leadership anymore?”

PM Lee was speaking at today’s Labour Day rally.

He said that Singapore had to remain “exceptional” to survive.

“We might be small with only five million people, but other countries take us seriously; they believe we can make a contribution beyond this island,” he said. He cited Singapore being the largest foreign investor in China and Indonesia, despite both countries being much larger.

He named three goals to work towards:

-a successful economy
-hardworking and skillful workers
-outstanding leaders

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