MINDEF Looking into “Discriminatory” Ad Against Hiring NSMen, Livvit Apologises for Faux Pas

Reader Kev called out local startup Livvit yesterday, due to what was deemed discriminatory hiring practices penalising our local lads who serve national service.

Responding quickly to the letter, Livvit has contacted Redwire to apologise, and said it has taken steps to rectify the mistake.

Startup leader Alfred Koh said:

“We are sincerely apologetic on how we phrased our posters and have taken the necessary action to remove all existing posters.”

Explaining why they included the “NS-exempt” phrase in the ad,

“The reason why we phrased the posters in this manner is because we are all looking forward to serve NS next year but were worried on how we would continue our business whilst we were away serving the nation. Hence the phrasing.”

Koh and his team are students from Singapore Polytechnic.

He says that his team will make sure to avoid such mistakes in the future.

“This mistake of ours, we’re really apologetic about it . We did not know of the rules and regulations behind this poster.”

Redwire understands that MINDEF is looking into the incident.

Yesterday, Kev send us the poster by Livvit, which made him pretty livid.

Commenting on the poster, Kev said:

“To think that even startup companies now are discriminating against Singaporean men, on the basis of their national service duties… Even after that, we are considered as ROD-ed, which still doesn’t mean we are EXEMPT from NS. If you, Livvit, have a Singaporean core, you should know this.”

Considering that the boys truly haven’t come of age to serve NS, the poster faux pas does appear to be an honest mistake.



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