Mini-Bus Touts Pose Another Threat to Taxi Drivers Rice Bowls

It isn’t just private-hire vehicle drivers that taxi drivers ‘have to worry about.

They’ve to contend with mini-bus touts too.

Such mini-bus drivers are not employed by major transport operators such as SMRT or SBS Transit.

They are hired by private bus companies and appear to be using those vehicles to moonlight for extra pocket change.

The Land Transport Authority says such mini-bus touts solicit for passengers in hotspots frequented by tourists, such as Sentosa.

In 2016, the LTA managed to detect 11 of such incidents.

Under the Road Traffic Rules, bus drivers are not allowed to solicit passengers at public places. Those caught doing so will be fined a composition sum of $500, and repeat offenders will be prosecuted in court.

Currently, taxi drivers face the stiffest competition from PHV drivers for companies such as Uber and Grab.

There are currently upwards of 40,000 PHV drivers in Singapore.


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