MOE Forces Merger of “Neighbourhood” JCs due to “Location”, Leaves “Elite JCs Untouched

Serangoon, Innova, Tampines and Jurong junior colleges will not take in new students next year.

That’s because they’re slated to be merged with other “neighbourhood” JCs come 2019.

The move, according to the MOE, is due to falling birth rates – 50,000 in the 1980s to 1990s, to the present 37,000.

State media reports that MOE selected schools for merger based on location, in addition to other “various factors”.

redwire singapore junior college merger 1
Not surprisingly, none of the “elite” JCs such as Anglo-Chinese, Victoria, Hwa Chong, Catholic and Raffles were affected by the MOE’s move to “maintain a good spread of schools across the country”.

MOE says the names of the merged JCs will be announced at a later date, and that to heritage spaces will be set up in the new schools so that the history of the schools are preserved.

No teachers will be retrenched following the move, which will take place in 2019.

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