Mom Accuses Yishun Siao Lang of Kicking and Slapping Kids in the Neighbourhood

AZLINDA ROSMAN: My mil (mother-in-law) & 2 of my kids were walking along the roadside to flag for cab after marketing. While this guy is walking on their opposite direction. For no reason, this guy had side kick my 10 yr old son hard that his back hurt thus fell and got abrasion at his ankle. Well look at the size of the culprit?! after doing so he just jolly well walked off from the scene. Alhamdulillah… Thank god, there’s a brave lady who saw the incident chased after him till the road divider of the nearest traffic light and even had a tough time talking to him into going back to the scene while the lady called the police. I didn’t manage to see/meet/thanks this kind soul. Whoever you are, may God bless you and your family.

Before police arrived my mil questioned him why he did that and he rudely raised his voice saying yes he kicked my son. I was not at scene but mil called me immediately while police was interrogating this culprit and i managed to speak to my son into getting a picture of this $#@. As parents of course i’m worried and have every right to know who the f@%$ that had caused hurt to any of my children. Then came another passerby who witnessed and told the police that before he reached to my son, he had slapped a younger kid who is still in kindergarten. WTH!! Culprit was soon brought back to station for further interrogation. Medic was called up to have a thorough checked on my son.

Looking at how he dressed and his body built do u think he’s Crazy?High on drugs?Stress? For whatever the reason to his actions, i’m thankful that my family are safe. To yishunlanders, please be alert of surroundings and let’s keep a look out for each other.



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