MOM Chief: Experience and Salary Count Towards Hiring Degree Mill Cert Holders

New Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say says that those who hold degrees from unaccredited institutions will be assessed based on their experience and salary criteria.

He said that the primary responsibility for verifying the authenticity of foreigner staff’s qualifications lies with companies.

He said this in a blog post, after Non-Constituency MP Gerald Giam asked about the checks that are done when processing S Pass and Employment Pass applications in a Parliamentary Question.

Mr Lim provided a distinction between fake degrees and degree mill certificates.

He said that the Ministry of Manpower conducts internal database checks, as well as external checks through third-party screening agencies.

He added that it also conducted direct verifications with the issuing institutions, and by requiring the employer to show proof that they have verified that the submitted qualifications are genuine.

Mr Lim said that foreigners who provide fraudulent educational documents will be barred for life from working in Singapore.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. sotong joli

    May 13, 2015 at 5:36 am

    From a employment perspective, no employer would depend mainly on salary and experience.By salary, you imply that applicant’s who is willing to take the lowest salary amongst all the applications will be employed.In the case of foreigners.Can they be trusted about their experienced written on the CV? It’s jobs like sale men and waiters that will not require a degree.
    In PMET jobs surely a genuine degree is required.If degrees are not required why do we have so many universities here.Students have to spend large amt of money to study in our tertiary educations.Many had to borrow from banks to finance their studies.Shouldnt Singaporeans be given the priority to be employed rather than Foreigners? No country in the world treat it’s citizens like this red dot as second class citizens in their own country. They serve NS but foreigners who become PR don’t have to.If a foreigners is a couple only one of them will be PR or citizens but the spouse will retain their homeland passport. The spouse would be the husband to retain their own passport so that they don’t need to serve NS.If you only use salary as the only criteria to employ foreigners, then Singaporeans will have no chance competiting with foreigners.If they find that foreigners hold a more senior position in the company then the productivity will drop.What is critical to have a united people is that the locals should feel that they are preferred over foreigners. Otherwise this city state will be divided between the locals and the foreigners. Divide and conquer?

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