Mom Praises MRT “Star Wars Uncle” for Being a Real Cool Buddy to Her Son

A mommy has taken the time to publicly share her appreciation for a staff from Bishan MRT station.

Samantha Bek says Mr Zainodin, whom her son refers to as “Star Wars Uncle” will always make the effort to chat with the boy and show care for him.

Samantha said that a a time when the MRT network is drawing much flak, she felt it’s necessary to show that there are good staff around.

“My son takes the train at Bishan station to school every morning and he looks forward to the train ride cos he gets to see his favourite friendly MRT Uncle Zainodin! My son calls him Star Wars uncle because of the ‘light saber’ he carries around. Despite his age, he always squat and give my son a big hug. In the short 2min wait for the train, the two of them will chit chat and sometimes my son will show him his toys or books. It may be a small gesture but Uncle Zainodin has brightened up my son’s mornings and I just want to say thank you.”

We can’t help but notice that Star Wars Uncle looks a bit like an older of this other cool local celebrity…



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