More Mediacorp Staff Raise Incidences of Inappropriate Conduct at the Workplace following Sexism Complaint


“Further to Juwon’s complaints, other colleagues have since brought forth allegations of inappropriate conduct by the staff in question and by two freelancers who work in the same unit as him.”

A Mediacorp spokesman has revealed that more staff have complained of “inappropriate conduct” at the workplace.

This, following a complaint last week by Channel NewsAsia TV producer Juwon Park, who claimed that she faced sexual harassment and sexism while working for the local broadcaster.

Park, in a Facebook post, said that 5 more Mediacorp staff have raised sexism complaints similar in nature to hers.

Mediacorp says that it is investigating the fresh complaints in addition to Park’s.

Regarding Park’s complaint, Mediacorp said:

“We have concluded that the allegations are valid and have taken the necessary disciplinary action against the staff who had made the inappropriate remarks.”

Amongst the allegations Ms Park are comments by a cameraman that she needed to have boobs or be “super pretty” in order to be a presenter for Channel NewsAsia.

Mediacorp, however, has stopped short of publicly addressing Park’s complaints of sexual harassment.

This relates to allegations by Park that she was once tickled” by a male colleague when they shook hands, being made to lean on the shoulder of a male colleague and call him “wife”, and then being told that she should “enjoy” comments that come her way.


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