More Reports of Strangers Trying to Lure International School Students Surface


Police say the 2 recent incidents of strangers in vans approaching female students from international schools were non-malicious in nature.

This comes as details of 2 more “luring” incidents involving students from 2 other international schools here have been revealed.

A police report was made on Wednesday (17 Jan) involving a female student from Nexus International School.

The schoolgirl was approached by 2 men in a car at Old Holland Road on her walk home from school on Monday (15 Jan).

The men were reportedly  “quite persistent” despite her refusal to get into the car.

Another incident, which took place last month, involved a male student from Dulwich College.

The student was on his way home when was approached in the Farrer Road area by a stranger offering him a lift.

He rejected the offer and continued his journey home safely.

Police have advised the college and student to make a police report.


On 11 Jan, a male driver in a white van had approached a schoolgirl from United World College of South East Asia offering her a ride.

She rejected the offer and managed to shake him off.

Police say the driver had no ill-intent and was offering the schoolgirl a lift as it was raining at the time.

On 16 Jan, a schoolgirl from Tanglin Trust School was approached by woman on a bus who offered her a ride.

Police established that the woman was a bus attendant on a school bus from Tanglin Trust School that didn’t bear the logo or name of the school.

Police say she noticed that the girl was a student of the school and offered her a lift to the school.

Suspected kidnapping attempts were ruled out in both incidents.

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