MRT Train Leaks: From Waterfall to Ice Shards to Toxic Gas All in Just 1 Month

First, we had water pouring from the roof of a train due to a leaking air-con vent.

Then, air-con vent problems led to ice shards being blasted at commuters.

Yesterday, in another blow to our national rail network, a faulty air-con pipe of a train caused a freon gas leak.

Commuters were seen dashing out of the train when it stopped at Tanjong Pagar MRT station.

The leak engulfed the station platform in smoke.

Freon, a colourless and odourless gas, has toxic properties which can cause mild health problems such as dizziness and sore throats, to more deadly problems such as lung failure and abnormal heart rhythms.

SMRT reported that the incident took place at around 2.50pm, and staff members “switched on the tunnel ventilation system immediately to disperse the odourless gas”.

It added that the gas leaked into the tunnel and reduced visibility at parts of the station when the platform doors were opened for passengers to leave the train, though no injuries or fire were reported.



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