Mysterious Eunos Car-Scratcher Targets Black Cars for Mischief, Attacks 5 Cars at a Go

An elusive mischief-maker has surfaced at Eunos Crescent and has a penchant for scratching dark-coloured cars parked at the Block 31A multi-storey carpark.

The car-scratcher, when he or she feels like it, apparently also attacks light-coloured cars on occasion.

Several residents have complained that their cars have been scratched in a circular pattern – the car-scratcher’s trademark.

In one run, the car-scratcher can attack up to 5 cars.

A resident, Mr Wong, said that on 8 Feb this year, he parked his car at the carpark at around 10pm, only to find it defaced the next morning.

“There was a big circle on the car and the scratch was very deep.”

Mr Wong said that he thought at first that he had upset someone and the act of mischief was a form of retaliation.

Then, he realised that the car next to his was also attacked in a similar manner.

Another resident, Ms Wong, said that she believes the same person had scratched her car.

“I’m also a victim. I noticed that at least 5 cars were scratched because the way it was done was the same.”

Even a 71-year-old retiree, Mr Tan, had his car attacked.

“I don’t know what his motive is. I’ve never upset his person.”

Police are investigating the case.

They’ve reportedly been able to identify a suspect by means of CCTV footage installed at the carpark.



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