National Day Protest Against Foreigners, High Cost of Living


If you’re not satisfied with living standards in Singapore and want your voice to be heard, head down to Hong Lim Park on 9 August. A rally will be held there from 4pm to 6pm to protest:
Foreigners taking our jobs
Lowest public healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP in the world
Lowest real rate of return amongst pension funds in the world
Most expensive public housing in the world
30% of households spend more than what they earn
Hardly any real wage growth
High cost of living – Most expensive city in the world


Titled “Should we unite to build a fair and just society for our fellow Singaporeans”, the rally will include these speakers and more:
Leong Sze Hian
Patrick Low
Benjamin Matchap
Tay Kok Weng
Pek Chee Yong Roger
Caleb Chua

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