National Development Ministry says Cold Weather to Blame for “Exploding” HDB Flat Tiles

The National Development Ministry has blamed the latest spate of “exploding tiles” in HDB flats on “unusually cold weather over a prolonged period, and temperature fluctuations”.

Second Minister for National Development, Desmond Lee, said this in parliament today.

Added Lee:

“The weather changes could have caused the tiles and the substrate to contract and expand at different rates, resulting in the loss of adhesion between the tiles and the substrate.”

Lee said that close to half of the “exploding tiles” incidents involved tiles that were installed by flat-owners who did their own renovations.

Lee said that for affected HDB-dwellers who are using original tiles provided by the HDB, goodwill repairs expend for up to 15 years.

He said that those who need to replace their tiles but face financial difficulty can approach local Community Development Councils (CDCs) or grassroots leaders as there are help schemes available.



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