National Paralympian Slams New Carpark Label Rule for Crippling Handicapped Drivers even Further

The Social and Family Development Ministry announced on Thursday (27 Jul) that from 1 Nov, those using less “bulky” mobility aids such as crutches and quad-sticks will no longer qualify for a special vehicle label distinguishing them as persons with disabilities, and that only those who use “bulky” mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walking frames and lower-limb prostheses would be eligible for the lots.

And that move has angered national Paralympian Kalai Vanen, who slammed the changes to Car Park Label Scheme for Persons with Physical Disabilities for causing more inconvenience for handicapped persons.

He said:

“I currently use a pair of elbow crutches and they, the smart people at the Ministry of Social and Family Development want people like me to use a walking frame, so that we can continue to be eligible to use the Class 1 Disabled parking label.

Neither walking aid, would allow me to walk, holding an umbrella if it rains nor would they be of any help if I had to carry a bag or two and having to manoeuvre walking around a parking lot. The walking frame or the wheel chair won’t do anything to improve my mobility. As strong as I am, walking is not easy. If you are reading this, please share the post, as I have many friends with various degrees of disability who drive. I am utterly surprised that, to date, none of the ‘disability’ associations have commented on the new ruling.

How can they call themselves The Ministry of Social and Family Development or associations for the betterment of disabled people? We rather be abled bodied, queuing for a car park lot and walking than be using a disabled parking label. We are crippled by the very people who are purportedly supposed to enable us.

Inclusion, my foot!”

These are the conditions for the parking label:

redwire singapore handicapped car park label
Many have slammed the authorities for not paying due concern to the needs of disabled persons when formulating the rules.

The Disabled People’s Association Singapore is looking into the matter to help those facing similar circumstances as Kalai.

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