Nee Soon MP: Leave the Monkeys Alone, Kill Them and Some Other Monkeys will Take Over

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong spoke today about breeding a “blame culture” should the names of those punished for last year’s Hepatitis C outbreak be disclosed.

Nee Soon GRC MP and animal-rights activist Louis Ng also spoken out about breeding – this time, related to monkeys.

He hit out at the culling of monkeys by the AVA, saying that such a move isn’t solving the problem.

“If we do cull the whole troop of monkeys, another troop will just take over the area. Unless we are really determined to kill all 1,800 monkeys or so, within one or two months, wipe out the whole population in Singapore completely, there is really no effective way of culling them at this point.”

The AVA culled 630 monkeys last year – about a third of their population in Singapore – in response to complaints about the animals being a nuisance and a public hazard.

Mr Ng says such a method to control the monkey population, which has been practised for the last 3 years, isn’t effective.

“It just reduces the troop size for a little while. A lot of times, when they trap the monkeys, they are trapping the younger ones – the babies who haven’t learnt. What we find is that biologically, without a doubt, the mothers will breed again.”

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