Netizens Flood IDA with “Job Applications” using Fake Degrees, After it Defended its Hiring of Woman Who Holds Fake MBA

Netizens are apparently flooding the Infocomm Development Authorithy’s (IDA) Facebook page to apply for jobs using supposed “fake degrees”.

This comes after the IDA defended it’s decision to hire a woman who was found to have possessed qualifications bought from a degree mill.

Netizens were quick with their own antics, in response to the IDA’s hiring practices:

Joe Azathoth: Dear IDA Management, I purchased a degree from skme dot com and I wonder if there is any available position for me? Don’t worry, no one will know its fake cos you also dont know its fake but I know you will defend me to the very end. Love you IDA.

Ridhuan Abdullah: I like to apply for the post of COO. I have a fake degree from a fake University called South Pacific University. When can I start?

Lee Shao Min: i heard can get a position using my fake cert from SPU in IDA. can i get the salary scale base on my SPU cert but work wise base on my PSLE cert? thks.

Faizal Hedge: I am planning to apply a job at IDA. Heard you guys accept fake degrees from fake universities. Will get one and apply here. What positions are available at the moment?

Wong Dao Kang: Is there any walk in interview booths on site? And how many fake certificates can iDA accept? Do I stand a higher chance if I pad my resume with plenty of fake accolades?
The IDA says that Nisha Padmanabhan was not hired based on her fake MBA from Southern Pacific University.

The IDA had explained, after a complaint from the public, that the applications consultant was hired based only on her bachelor’s degree from Mumbai University.

But that statement has also rankled netizens, with many questioning why shew was hired from a university ranked more than 500 places lower than Singapore’s top local universities over local graduates if that were truly the case.


This is the IDA’s explanation as to why it hired Nisha Padmanabhan:

“We have investigated and would like to share that Nisha Padmanabhan, a Singapore citizen who joined IDA in 2014, has a Bachelor’s degree from a reputable university and was recruited because of this Bachelor degree, extensive past work experience and good track record.

Nisha pursued an MBA out of personal interest, and it was not a relevant certificate for her position in IDA though she was open about the fact that she had obtained it. Her MBA from Southern Pacific University was not a factor that contributed to her employment at IDA.

In fact, 93.5% of all IDA staff that were hired at the level of Applications Consultant were based on their Bachelor’s degree. We would like to share that Nisha has been a committed team member and contributed in her role as an Applications Consultant for the past year.

We would also like to take this chance to share that IDA selects employees based on a holistic set of criteria which includes their educational qualifications, work experience, individual career aspirations and personality traits.”




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