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New IPPT Scoring Sheet Leaked Online

A document which appears to be the scoring sheet for the new IPPT system has surfaced online, a day after Singapore’s Defence Minister Dr Eng Hen revealed changes to the IPPT system.


These documents were uploaded on Hardzware Zone forum by a user named “Arsene_Wenger”.


It shows that:

-the new IPPT is based on a total of 100 points

-points are transferable between 3 stations: 2.4km run, push-ups, and sit-ups

– a max of 50 points is given to the 2.4km run

– a max of 25 points are given to push-ups

– a max of 25 points are given to sit-ups

-the standing broad jump, shuttle run and pull-up stations have been scrapped


The document reads:


“Based on a maximum of 100 points, the award type is determined by the total score from the 3 stations as opposed to a passing score for each station. However, servicemen must attain a minimum score at each station. This new scoring system will encourage servicemen to do their best for each of the stations.”



Dr Ng had said that the new format will make it easier for more NSmen to pass IPPT.


Explaining the rationale for the new format, Dr Ng said it will make it easier for NSmen to pass IPPT. He said that many other militaries also use a 3-station test to gauge the fitness of their armed forces.


He added that “Even though the new IPPT is simpler to train for, it will still take effort and regular exercise to pass. And that’s the idea – keeping healthy and fit should be a lifestyle and it’s good for you.”

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