New “Smell Your Boyfriends’ Armpit and Take Photo” Fad Raises a Stink in Southeast Asia

If you haven’t heard of or tried planking, or taupok–ing, or the ice bucket challenge, well done – you might just survive to see mankind kill itself with stupidity.

We’re here to kill off that last ounce of hope by informing you of this new dumbass fad that’s raising a stink in Southeast Asia.

Apparently, young women are braving the stench to take photos of themselves sniffing their boyfriends’ armpits and posting those pictures online with the hashtag #ciumketekpacar.

The trend started in Indonesia about a month ago, and as to how or why it has taken off, your guess is as good as ours.

Pheromones from body sweat are known to play a part in the attraction phase, but this looks pretty much like overkill lah!

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