“No Day Off, Not Enough Food”: Employer Abuse Suspected in Myanmar Maid’s Suicide

The Myanmar maid who committed suicide on Monday could have done so because of abusive labour conditions.

A note which was allegedly penned by the woman, whose identity has been confirmed by the Myanmar embassy as Ma Zin Mar Oo, has surfaced.

She was working for an Indian family at The Interlance condominium for the last 8 months.

The note which is addressed to someone the 25-year-old maid termed as “sister” appears to detail her daily work routine.

She also penned notes about how her employer gave her bread and water for meals, and how she was sometimes denied meals or made to eat at late hours.

She was believed to be suffering from depression.

A friend of the deceased said that she was especially distraught because she was not allowed to return home to attend her mother’s funeral.


The deceased leaped from the 19th floor of The Interlace condominium located at Depot Road at around 7pm on Monday.

A woman was seen trying to dissuade her from committing suicide, but her attempt was unsuccessful.


The Centre for Domestic Employees says it has contacted the Myanmar embassy to find out how it can assist the deceased’s next-of-kin.

Police are investigating the incident.



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