Not Scared Die: School Kids Spotted Playing at 16th Floor Condominium Parapet

The actions of some people sometimes reinforce your belief in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

Like these kids, who were dumb enough to be horsing around on the 16th floor parapet of a condominium building.

One drop and It’s The End kiddos.

The incident took place at 4.49pm yesterday evening at the Riversound Residence condominium in Sengkang.

A resident, Mr Lim, shared these pictures.

He said that there 5 students dressed in their school uniform walking and playing on the parapet.

At one point, they also sat on the parapet and dangled their legs in mid-air.

Lim said he informed the management of the condominium and a staff went and persuaded the children to stop their death-defying antics and come the hell down off the ledge.


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