Now it’s 43,000: One Thousand More Rat Burrows Found Last Year Despite NEA’s Attempts to Eradicate Rodents

The rat infestation problem in Singapore is worsening.

The National Environment Agency has reported that 1000 more rat burrows were found in 2015 compared to 2014 when the rat problem was first brought to the public’s attention.

As it stands, there are 43,000 rat burrows in Singapore.

85 percent of these burrows are found in housing estates managed by town councils.

Pest management experts say a pair of male and female rats can produce at about 1300 rats in a year.

Last year, the Auditor-General’s Office rapped the NEA for potentially increasing the overall cost of tackling the rat problem.

The NEA had spent S$4.19 million across two years trying to kill off the rats, but because it shirked its responsibility to eradicate ALL rat burrows, the rats simply moved and continued to breed.

Even in Bukit Batok, where complaints of rats first arose and festered, residents have reported a resurgence of the rodents.

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