NTU Chiobu Sisters Balance Studies with Jobs as Getai Singers

Most undergrads would be pak tor-ing or lan gaming or whatever it is most undergrads do nowadays lah (last time it was literally go fly kite at East Coast okay).

But these 2 Pek sisters, both undergrads at Nanyang Technological University would be busying themselves with putting up a good getai show.

Clad in outlandish costumes and caked in make-up, they sing in Hokkien, Chinese, and even perform Korean pop songs on occasion!


20-year-old Jia Xuan is in her second year at the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, while her 19-year-old sister Jia Wei is in her first year at the Nanyang Business School.

The girls were still in primary school when they started singing professionally in 7th month getai shows.

They also perform during Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn festival getais.

But it isn’t all fun and games for the NTU chiobus, known by getai aficionados as the “2Z sisters”.

Speaking to NTU’s school press, the Nanyang Chronicle, Jia Wei said:

“A lot of people don’t understand how hard it is. Sometimes, we would cry to ourselves and wonder why we chose this. But my sister and I will tell ourselves to resign to fate. Our name is known already – all the uncles and aunties know us. We can’t just disappear.”

Don’t worry, da jie, we also know how hard it is to entertain uncles and aunties. Jia you!



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