NTU Graduate Works S$7.50/Hr Blue-Collar Job because “No Hope of Any Other Employment”


Support site for unemployed Singaporeans, Transitioning, has released a letter by a Nanyang Technological University electrical engineering graduate who is apparently underemployed, i.e not being hired for the level of his expertise.

The NTU grad, “Chua” has reportedly been jobless for the past 3 years, and has taken on a temporary job as a production operator for S$7.50/hr wages.

The reason, “Chua” said, is that no other company was willing to hire him.

This is the letter sent by “Chua” to Transitioning:

“Hi Gilbert (Transitioning founder, Gilbert Goh),

I am currently working as a temp doing manual work (which is supposedly shunned by Singaporean) to get by. Still no hope of any other employment. The pay is only $7.50/hour.

I have a degree but without job, the degree means nothing.

I am considering the job because it is the only company that is willing to hire me. The salary should be slightly higher than $1.2k after confirmation for full timers.




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