Nurse Becomes Ah Long Runner to Pay School Fees


One “job” – S$100.

Accomplishing 10 jobs would see Phyllis Kuan pay off the S$1000 debt she owed in school fees for her nursing degree.

In July last year, the 23-year-old saw an advertisement posted online by someone called “Tiger Sam”.

The ad promised big rewards for people with big balls (didn’t have balls but had the guts to more than match that).

Kuan received a video the next day showing the main gate of a residential unit getting secured with a bicycle lock.

She realised that Tiger Sam was an Ah Long on the prowl for runners to harass debtors.

Still, she agreed to become Tiger Sam’s runner, because the remuneration was too good to pass up.

Between 26 July and 22 August last year, Kuan locked 5 homes using bicycle locks.

She was also found to have bought the locks, and markers to prepare notes that read:

“This time I lock, next time I burn. Faster return money!”

At least 2 of the homeowners attacked were debtors.

Police arrested Kuan on 24 Aug last year.

In her defence, Kuan said she had S$4000 in debts to pay and that’s why she took the job.

She claimed to owe over S$1000 in school fees for her nursing degree, and owed another S$3000 to others whom she had borrowed money to help her parents with household expenses.

Kuan has been convicted of 5 charges of loanshark harassment and jailed for 11 months.



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