NUS Spanks 14 Undergrads for Misconduct Related to Lewd, Sexual Orientation Games

14 undergrads have received a spanking from NUS, in the form of warnings and mandatory community service.

The punishment was meted out for their role in orchestrating lewd orientation games.

The students were involved in organising or facilitating the orientation camps for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the students’ union.

The games caused an uproar when what went on behind closed doors were exposed in July.

These include simulated rape, water dunking, and vulgar cheers.

Many criticised the organisers for coming up with games which they deemed were demeaning to women, and a cheap excuse to include sexualised activities.

The games have been going on for years despite complaints.

Investigations by NUS saw about 160 camp orientation group leaders and student camp councillors summoned to a session facilitated by staff from the university’s Office of Student Affairs and the Office of the Provost.

A disciplinary board was convened at the start of September, and the 14 students were found guilty of misconduct, which included using unapproved items during orientation activities, consumption of alcohol beyond university-designated premises and events, and providing false information during investigations.



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1 Comment

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