oBike Swamped with #ReturnMyDeposit Requests after Sudden Shut Down of Singapore Operations

Bicycle-sharing service oBike will stop operations in Singapore from today (Jun 25).

In a sudden announcement, the company said it faced difficulties meeting the new requirements put in place by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to tackle indiscriminate parking.

“oBike is announcing its decision to cease operation in Singapore as a result of difficulties foreseen to be experienced to fulfil the new requirements and guidelines released by LTA towards dock-less bicycle sharing in Singapore.”

oBike services may be shut down in Singapore, but this doesn’t apply to its services in other countries.

And this is troubling users in Singapore who currently possess an oBike Super VIP membership.

Since they will still be able to use oBike services in all other operating countries except for Singapore, there are concerns as to whether to they will receive a refund of the S$49 paid for the membership.

oBike’s Facebook page has since been swamped with some 1000 comments, with many calling for #ReturnMyDeposit.


oBike currently has a user base of 1,000,000 users in Singapore.

The firm had converted idle accounts to SVIP membership without the consent of users, generating much anger among those who discovered they had been charged without prior warning due to a change in the firm’s terms of service.




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