Outcry Over PAP Branch Office’s Funeral Banner “Advertisement”

Netizens have slammed a funeral banner put up by the PAP Braddell Heights branch office at a funeral.

The banner has no note of condolence.

Rather, big, bold Chinese letters written on it say, “PAP Braddell Heights Branch” – similar to the smaller words in English just below.

The wake was held at Serangoon Ave 3, which falls under Marine Parade GRC.

Apparently, none of the family members of the deceased were grassroots or Resident’s Committee members, or had ties to the PAP.

Netizen Jason Lee uploaded the picture, with the comments:

“A man just pop or of nowhere and ask permission to hang up the banner…the banner look well-used and worn out… so must have repeated the trick over and over again.”

Many netizens expressed anger over the picture.

They felt it was a “heartless” form of advertising, which smacked of insincerity.

It’s unclear if the banner was reused from a separate funeral, but some netizens say it is common for Resident’s Comittees to put up such banners at funeral, and set a date for them to be returned.

This is Jason Lee’s full Facebook post about the banner:

#SG50 “Cheapo attempt by pap to show that they care. I asked the bereaved family members if they or the late father was or were affiliated to any pap grassroots or RC. None of them was nor aware of. Further info revealed a guy just pop out of nowhere ask permission to hang up the banner. No flower wreath, no condolences message, nothing about the detail of who send..just that banner.

The wake was at serangoon ave 3 within the pap ward of marine parade grc. The banner itself said nothing of condolences, just pap logo in the middle and the pap braddell heights branch wordings in chinese and english.

Out of respect for the bereaved family, the banner was left where it was but created a minor buzz within the group of visitors who came to pay their last respect. Shame on you pap using the pains of a bereaved family to gain political mileage.

Just to add further the banner look well used old and worn out..so must have repeated the trick over and over again..”

Kim Moon Tong

redwire singaproe pap funeral banner 3


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