Ownself Buy Ownself: Sun Ho Make it in America? You Must be Kidding, says Judge!

Judge See Kee Oon possibly hammered the final nail in the wife of wayward pastor Sun Ho today, when he said that there could never by revealing just how much of a flop musician she has been, and how many millions of dollars she cost City Harvest Church.

Pronouncing the guilty verdict on Kong Hee and his Gang of Frauds, he said:

“I am unconvinced that they could have had a genuine belief in Sun Ho’s prospects of success for the US Crossover given their consciousness that much of her earlier success was contrived and contributed to by CHC itself.”

Kong Hee and his merry gang of 6, including chio bu acountant Serina Wee (and one-time back-up singer for Sun Ho) , stole S$24 million to promote Sun Ho’s failed venture into the US music industry, and stole another S$26 million to that up.

The money was meant to be used to develop City Harvest Church.

Judge See said that it was “unrealistic” that the church leaders believed they could sell 1.5 million copies of Sun Ho’s English album in the US and make S$10.5 million from the sales.

He called their faith “no more than an optimistic hope”.

“I am unable to see how there can be any genuine or honest grounds for their claims that they expected far higher sales for her planned US album well in excess of the projection of 200,000 units.”

As the damage stood, Ms Wee disclosed that sales of Sun Ho’s Asian albums made losses of about S$1 million.

Previously, it was revealed that the church leaders bought at least 32,000 of Sun’s Mandarin CDs, wasting S$500,000 in the process.

Judge See drilled in the point that her “success” was inflated, and that the church had to rely heavily on the money from church members and supporters to keep her music career afloat.

Sun Ho is not implicated in the current case, and will remain a free woman while her husband and his 6 cronies stare down jail time.

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  1. Anonymous

    October 23, 2015 at 3:54 pm

    tell sun ho and serina wee to song in the band like The Spice Girls or oops mayb sunho n serina can form a band called ” The Judas ” just like The Judds haha ! dont waste time many, many, talk lah, JUST JAILED THEM lah, n Close this episode, set this as a precedant for future would b Cult grp of mass-brainwashing under the Guise of Religion or watever lah!

  2. Ambika

    May 23, 2016 at 11:20 pm

    How is it possible that Sun Ho was not charged for anything in this matter. I am sure she knew where her finance was hailing from right?

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