Pasir Ris Lift Malfunctioned 6 Times in 4 Months before Fatal Mishap that Killed Elderly Man

A coroner’s inquiry has revealed a shocking series of malfunctions plaguing the lift at Block 247, Pasir Ris Street 21, before the fatal malfunction that killed 77-year-old Lim Hang Chiang.

On 15 May 15 last year, Mr Lim fell backwards and hit his head after reversing his mobility scooter out of the lift.

At the time, the lift floor was 13cm higher than the lobby.

Lim was sent to hospital but died due to bleeding in the brain.

Testifying before the coroner’s court, Building and Construction Authority investigation officer Winson Lee said that the six earlier “mislevelling” incidents took place between December 2015 and March last year.

He said the town council had received such complaints once a month between January and March last year.

The levelling problem could take place “intermittently”, and no one was injured in the earlier cases.

Lee said that the problem was either auto-corrected with built-in recovery mechanisms fixed by means of technical repairs.

The coroner’s inquiry has been adjourned to 22 Aug.

This isn’t the only incidence of lift problems in Pasir Ris.

Last year, another lift at Block 581 Pasir Ris St 53 experienced a strange series of malfunctions.

Residents reported that the lift will at times open at random floors even though the lift button for the floor isn’t pressed.

What’s more startling is the lift display will at times show the number “14” when there are only 13 floors in the block.



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