Foreign PME Blasted for Cow Beh-ing About SIA Flight Leaving Without Him While he was Shopping

A passenger who had purchased a business class ticket on an Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight has been slammed by netizens after he posted a complaint on facebook because he missed the flight.

That passenger, Vijoy Varghese, works as a VP at Genpact Singapore Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of NYSE-listed Genpac Limited in which the Singapore GIC has a stake.

In his complaint, Vijoy stated that he missed the departure by five minutes because he was stuck in line at a duty free store.

He said he reached the gate at 11.55, but the flight had departed at the stipulated time of 11.50.

Vijoy said the flight should have at least waited for another five to ten minutes for him.

SIA has apologised for his experience, but the airline also pointed out that if the departure was at 11.50, then the boarding time would have been 11.10.

That means Vijoy was actually 50 minutes late.

That didn’t him any favours with netizens, who blasted him on the Alternative View’s Facebook page for blasting SIA.


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