PDA Gone Too Far: Man Gropes Girlfriend’s Breasts and Runs Fingers Up Her Skirt in Public Park

Have hotel rooms become too expensive, or does this frisky couple have an exhibitionism fetish?

Or maybe they’re just drunk and horny.

Nevertheless, the pair were reportedly spotted at getting down and dirty at a park in Tampines yesterday at about 11pm and one kaypoh onlooker with a smartphone on hand recorded them in action.

Besides vigorously fondling the young lady’s breast in full view of park-goers, the kaypoh said that the man ran his hand up her skirt and under her panties and moved it in a rubbing motion.

The lady was seen placing her hand inside the man’s shorts and moving it in a stroking motion.

Their moans were reportedly loud enough to be heard by passers-by.

Perhaps they should just stick to Pokemon Go if they’re looking for pleasure in a public park?




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