People’s Park Roast Duck Wars: Prices Slashed to S$15.00 a Duck, But Still Got Cheaper…


Want to enjoy a whole roast duck by yourself (because you f*ck care Ah Loong’s NDP message about diabetes)?

Go to People’s Park Food Centre and enjoy!

There are around 10 stalls there selling whole roast ducks for about S$35 to S$40.

But a few months ago, one of the stalls (look out for the promo sign) started selling whole roast ducks for S$15.00 each.

The stall owner thought that a change of business strategy might help.

You know lah, earn less per duck but sell more.

In one day, he says he now sells about 800 ducks.

Not to be outdone, another stall (this time on the 2nd floor) started selling roast ducks for S$16 a duck.

That owner say tak boleh tahan, cannot match the S$15 price because he has to pay staff wages.

But…. If you want the CHEAPEST whole roast duck…

Go to Balestier Rd and look out for the shop with the giant sign that says S$13.80 a duck.

There, don’t say bo jio hor!



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