Pinnacle@Duxton 50-Storey Block Lift Breaks Down with Resident Trapped Inside!

It isn’t easy to climb up 5 flights of stairs, not to mention 50 (you maybe can lah, but for us sure peng san).

But that was the plight facing Pinnacle@Duxton residents yesterday.

At about 7.45pm, a power outage resulted in the lift at Block 1D getting stuck.

It couldn’t move, and residents were huddled at the lobby and wondering if it was worth it making the climb home.

264 households were affected but the lift breakdown, and an eyewitness says that one woman, believed to be a foreigner, was trapped in the lift.

One resident staying at the 48th floor thought all hope was lost, until he got a timely reminder from other Pinnacle@Duxton residents huddled together with him:

“We were at the lift lobby then someone said that all the blocks were linked and we had to take a separate lift from the 25th to 50th floor. So I could still get home. Otherwise, I’d have to climb 48th flights of stairs!”

Tanjong Pagar Town Council says it sent maintenance staff to repair the lift and they got everything up and working in an hour.



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