Play Games in My “Comfortable Room”: NJC PE Teacher Sent Naughty Messages to Female Students

National Junior College has sacked a relief physical education teacher for inappropriate behaviour.

The PE teacher, a Nanyang Technological University student in his late 20s, had been sending naughty messages to female NJC students from April to June this year.

He told one of the girls, a 17-year-old, to “go into my heart” and meet him in his “comfortable room” to play games.

The girl, who said she felt uncomfortable with the messages, met the PE teacher in his single-bed hostel room with a group of friends.

The PE teacher also sent her other messages calling her an “angel” and asking her to meet him so they could study together.

The girl’s boyfriend, a full-time national serviceman, said he confronted the PE teacher.

“When I asked him if he thought what he did was professional, he told me to just trust my girlfriend more.”

He also claims that when his girlfriend made a complaint to NJC’s vice-principal, the vice-principal shrugged off the matter and no action was taken against the PE teacher.

NJC has disputed that claim, saying that an investigation was carried out, in which the PE teacher admitted to his actions and apologised for his inappropriate behaviour.

NJC says the PE teacher has since left the school.



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