PM Lee: Increase Productivity & Growth or Risk Falling Wages

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says Singapore must continue to focus on growing its economy.

He said in his May Day message that only with economic growth can the government afford to invest in healthcare, education and the people.

PM Lee said that everyone has a part to play to make the government’s SkillsFuture initiative work.

He said that workers must take charge of their development and careers and employers must grant their workers time off to attend training.

He added the employers must focus on skills and not just paper qualifications when hiring workers.

The government’s SkillsFuture initiative is aimed at helping workers sharpen their skills throughout their careers through continuous training and career guidance.

“Nowhere else in the world do the government, employers, and workers work closely together, give-and-take and create win-win outcomes of different circumstances. Unity is our strength.”

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