Police Car Smashes into 3 Vehicles as Driver Tries in Vain to Wriggle Out of Tight Spot

This mata chia went nuts this morning at Jurong East St 21, at the open-air carpark near Block 217!

It only came to a stop after crashing into 3 other cars that were parked there.

The incident took place at about 7am.

Eyewitnesses say the police car had left the nearby Jurong East NPC and entered the carpark when suddenly it swerved and mounted a grass verge and hit a stationary silver sedan car.

At the wheel was a male police officer and in the passenger seat a female police officer.

The driver then tried to drive the police car out of the situation, but made things worse by reversing into a silver MPV.

The impact was so strong it sent the MPV crashing into a pillar.

Now caught in an even tighter spot, the driver tried to wriggle his way out – and made things worse yet again.

This time, the police car lunged forward and hit a white MPV.

That made it 3 strikes in one morning.

SCDF says it received a call for an ambulance at about 7.30am.

A Chinese male believed to be the driver suffered minor injuries and didn’t want to be sent to hospital.

Police are investigating the matter.



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