Police Detain Van Driver Involved in Suspected Attempts to Kidnap Girls from International Schools


Police have identified a van driver involved in at least one of two incidents where a persons in a white van are suspected to have tried to kidnap girls from international schools.

The driver is now reportedly assisting with the investigations.

This comes after 2 international schools in Singapore issued warnings to parents of female students about strangers in a white van trying to lure schoolgirls into entering the van.

Tanglin Trust School said that a student was walking to the school on Tuesday (16 Jan) at about 12.30pm when she was approached by the “men from the white van” near one-north MRT station.

The van had stopped near her and the men persistently tried to lure her into the van despite her ignoring them.

The schoolgirl reported the incident to the school, which then made a police report.

Last week, another similar incident took place along Dover Road.

A schoolgirl from UWC South East Asia was on her way home on Thursday (11 Jan) when she was approached by a man driving a white van.

The student ignored him and walked away.

Some parents of international school students have expressed their concern at what they suspect could be attempts to kidnap the schoolgirls.

Meanwhile, the international schools have sent notices to parents reminding them to advise their children on how to keep themselves safe.

The intention of the “white van men” are uncertain at this point and police investigations are ongoing.

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