Police Report Lodged Against Woman who Took Photo of MRT “Selfish Mom”

Two days ago, Jenny Whing shared this photo of a family on the MRT, whom she dubbed “inconsiderate, unreasonable and selfish”.

The reason for this, according to Whing, is because the woman in the photo refused to remove her son’s legs from the “reserved” seat in the train so she could sit down.

“She told me that her son’s legs would remain as they were and I should accept that with whatever disturbance that would come with it, if I still wanted to sit.”

Because of her Facebook post, “Selfish Mom” has been widely criticised for her behaviour, with many taking to calling her derogatory names and using racial slurs on her family.

The husband of “Selfish Mom” has hit back at what he feels is a gross miscarriage of justice.

Akshat also said that Whing didn’t have to choose that particular seat in the train carriage – she could have sat next to him as that seat was empty.



Akshat has since made a police report regarding the incident.




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